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    Wraith_MxReseña sobre Publicada en 11/23/2009
    G- Mexico: What do you know?
    G- Mexico is a not so popular, web- based site owned by Francisco Calderon, who calls himself “Paquito”. He is a self- made photographer (a “photographer of empiric background”, as he likes to call himself, to say that he has no professional certification whatsoever).

    Paquito created this site thinking about his empiric qualifications with the camera. It’s a ten year old (maybe older) site. Indeed, there are some photo- albums of some quality within the site, by the site’s administrator. When you arm yourself with some patience to look at them, you can not take out of your mind the fact that some of these albums are, well, close to promote the prostitution of the models. And when you happen to find some of them amongst one of the site’s section -called “Scorts (for you)”-, then you can not any longer think that you are having some dreams of paranoia with the so- called models. Not that Paquito actively promotes them (nothing like that), but then there you are, trying to figure- out what is this site all about.

    Paquito has always liked to write, as well. You can find several of his very long, usually intense and irrelevant stories about his personal experiences with other men, how he understands and looks at fashion, art, literature and even science. Yes, a “photographer” doing science, what do you know?

    There’s a sub- site of G- Mexico called “clasificados” (that’s Spanish for Classified Adds), where you can find very open invitation to have intercourse with young lads who, in return, look for payment. But Paquito strongly emphasizes that “promoting prostitution is not allowed in G- Mexico”, but there you go: several very open sex- invitations for payment. And yes, as site’s administrator, Paquito does not loose time in erasing adds from his enemies, older or wealthier men who, in turn, compete against him in getting the very best products of this very often requested human- market. How can somebody dare to compete against Paquito in his own turf? This ends- up with being a personally biased way of exercising censorship.

    So, at the end of the day, what was thought of a good, artistic site in Paquito’s mind has turned out to be a sad nude- site for old, desperate men (yes, precisely like Paquito), with very low quality and worse reputation.

    Wraith Mx.

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